"Are we too far gone to save? Is it worth all this heartbreak to try again?"

Fixing your relationship problems

Is it fixable, and is it worth it?

I'm going to be completely honest with you - there are a few situations in which you should not try to work things out with your significant other.

These situations include: physical or sexual abusiveness, debilitating drug abuse, child abusiveness, severe psychological problems, and serious crimes committed. These are serious, and oftentimes dangerous issues that all the love in the world cannot cure without your partner making a committed effort to fix this problems for him or herself.

The good news is, any other problem between you and your partner has serious hope, if you both want to make one last, all-in effort to try.

I can't promise you a 100% success rate, because some couples only try this guide just to say that they did, when all they really want is to go their separate ways.

Still, a 95% success rate over hundreds of couples is pretty impressive, wouldn't you say?

So, here we are. Start repairing your relationship right. This. Second. Or you can end up looking like this devastated, hopeless woman...

Which future do you prefer?

I know I will take loving partner and happy children any day of the week. If you've got it in you to give your marriage one last shot, click below: